E-Based Learning Solutions 


Technical and product training can often be overly complex in content and require a substantial amount of time to complete. Research indicates traditional classroom training scenarios are not as effective and participants often struggle to retain critical information. As attention spans become shorter, how can you enhance your current training approach to better engage your workforce and improve retention?

Achieva’s E-Based Learning Solutions take complex subjects and turn them into highly memorable learning experiences. Our Customized Technology and Product Training Platform (CTPT) delivers relevant content in a simplified yet interactive format that quickly engages the learner and improves overall retention. As a result, you maximize your training and marketing budget and have a more knowledgeable and effective workforce.

    Key Features

  • Customized tutorials and quizzes featuring tailored content

  • Concise production and implementation

  • Broadcast quality narration

  • Product and/or endorsement videos

  • Unique geography segmentation

  • Real-time analytics for tracking user behavior, measuring results, and managing follow-up

  • Continuing education credits

  • Accessible from any device (desktop, tablet, smart phone)

  • Full-service support including 24-hour help desk

    Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Engagement—your workforce will look forward to training

  • Improved Retention—concise and interactive training means greater understanding and improved retention

  • Greater ROI—higher engagement and retention means a better prepared workforce

  • Elevated Morale—meaningful professional development improves employee morale and attitude