Interactive Gamification


Is it possible for your employees, your channel partners, and even your end-users, to have fun while learning about your products or services?

Achieva’s Interactive Gamification Solutions feature competitively-charged tutorials with results-based rewards to create a fun yet educational experience for your audience. Interactive Gamification can provide the necessary motivation to launch a new product, boost sales force performance, maximize tradeshow exposure, or improve overall technical expertise. Achieva’s proven gamification technology effectively engages your audience and creates critical brand distinction for your business.

    Key Features

  • Customized interactive games featuring tailored content

  • Concise production and implementation

  • Real-time analytics for tracking user behavior and measuring results

  • Accessible from any device (desktop, tablet, smart phone)

  • Customized fulfillment rewards

  • Full-service support including on-site tradeshow coordination and 24-hour help desk

    Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Engagement—your audience(s) will be motivated to learn more about your brand and products

  • Elevated Product Distinction—gamification will set your product apart from the competition, creating critical distinction with your audience(s)

  • Improved Retention—interactive gaming is fun and inspires greater retention

  • Greater ROI—higher engagement and retention means a better prepared workforce/channel partner/end-user