Advanced Public Policy Expertise

Achieva’s established our reputation for providing advanced issue management and public policy tools for many U.S. and global companies. We have worked with over 150 third-party experts to credibly communicate their respected science-based knowledge and information into the public, regulatory and legislative policy process. To date, Achieva has developed and placed more than 400 Op-Ed’s in regional, national, and international papers, as well as leading science publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, to name a few.

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Leading Education Partner for today’s rural & agricultural communities

To support the Crop Protection industry and to protect access to necessary tools and technologies, Achieva has developed an online training platform approved and accredited by the EPA and State pesticide regulatory officials.  This platform leverages Achieva’s proven ag-based adult learning practices such as Advanced Animation, VR/AR, Simulation, and Market to Market Segmentation, to ensure this complex training is highly interactive and engaging. Designed to quickly reach a large number of participants, the Online Training program offers certified training, measurable tracking and reporting, and round-the-clock support including a 24-hour help desk and security. 

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Trusted Resource for State & Federal Regulatory Issues

Achieva is well suited and highly experienced in dealing with complex product, technology and regulatory issue education and challenges requiring approval from the EPA and/or State Regulatory officials. With our advanced regulatory understanding, expertise and technical education capabilities, we’ve become the valued accreditation supplier for learning programs that meet the stringent educational requirements of the EPA and/or State agencies.

The Soil Fumigant Application Training Center (SFATC) in one example of Achieva’s expertise in developing, implementing and managing an important regulatory issue. SFATC, a collaborative effort of the Soil Fumigant Manufacturers and Representative Task Forces, was designed by Achieva to meet the applicator education training requirements of the USEPA. SFATC has been in place for the last six years to meet ongoing EPA requirements for soil fumigant applicators. 

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