Technical Sales Communications


Can Technical Sales Communications position you as a leader within your industry and help your business sustain necessary credibility?

Achieva’s Technical Sales Communications give voice to your most important messages. At Achieva, Technical Sales Communications begins with a science-based White Paper. Our team of experts will work with you to assemble the key elements of the White Paper based on your product messaging. Our technical writers analyze critical data and research to develop relevant dialogue. This results in a comprehensive tool offering valuable insights to your target audience. Leveraging lessons explored in the White Paper, Achieva can help you create social content, podcasts, infographics, case studies and testimonials to help broaden the reach of your message and generate greater interest.

    Key Features

  • Comprehensive science-based content created by highly experienced technical writers

  • Strategic communications plan to increase reach

  • Tailored infographics to add visual depth to your content

  • Video testimonials to bring case studies to life and establish credibility

  • Accessible from any device (desktop, tablet, smart phone)

    Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Reputation—effective Technical Sales Communications can be instrumental in enhancing your brand’s reputation as a credible resource and thought-provoking leader within your industry

  • Increased Lead Generation— Technical Sales Communications keeps your brand front and center with key decision makers, helping generate more interest in your business

  • Improved Customer Retention— Technical Sales Communications adds value to your current customer base and reinforces their decision to work with you