Webinar Solutions


You’re ready to launch a new product or training program but how do you efficiently announce the launch, set expectations, and rally the troops?

Achieva’s Webinar Solutions allow you to host a live, online event all while having direct interaction with your participants. It brings the management team and workforce together to deliver key information and inspire collaboration. Achieva Webinars, designed for the highest level of participation, are hosted by a professional facilitator and can include subject matter experts.

    Key Features

  • Comprehensive content development based on your needs

  • Coordination of professional facilitator and subject matter experts

  • Full-service implementation including hosting and recording

  • Tailored infographics to add visual depth to your content

  • Video testimonials to enhance messaging and sustain interest

  • Interactive polling before and after event

  • Accessible from any device (desktop, tablet, smart phone)

    Key Benefits

  • Efficient Implementation—eliminate the need for travel and classroom materials

  • Increased Participation—On-demand access increases participation and offers opportunity to revisit Webinar as needed

  • Measured Results—understand the reception of information and effectiveness of event through before and after event polling